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Ricky Ray: Guestbook

Mike Compton

March 22, 2014

Looking foward to hearing you again tonight at The Red Caboose, Elkmont Alabama,

Ken Holt

February 27, 2014

Saw you at Puckett's back in January and we spoke after the show. Where are you playing next?

Your neighbor in Oakleaf

Jim Barton

January 7, 2014

Just wondering if Charles Tuberville is the one from Arkansas that lives in Tulsa,Ok.. If so we have been friends since college...I just moved to Franklin Tn....We have written together in the past...In fact I've got a song with me we co-wrote I'd like to shop...Like your sound..Shimmy Shimmy reminds me of something Charles would do....Take care

faye widner

August 12, 2013

Ricky, saw your Mom and Dad at the

merrimack reunion in Huntsville and asked them if maybe we could get you to come perform next year? I saw you
at the Red caboose and excited about
you coming to the Songwriters showcase Sept 6,2013...

ken stverson

June 30, 2013

Great show at Pucketts -Columbia last night. Friends that were with us have a daughter fighting cancer. They said the night out with your music was just what they needed. A little escape from the grind of treatment.


May 5, 2013

Great show at the River cafe' in Normandy. You are a wonderful artist. We all were so impressed by the talent on the guitar. We kept saying over and over, "listen to the way he plays that" don't think I've ever heard such talent, truly loved it. can't wait to see you again.

Sid Elder

February 9, 2013

Hello Ricky, It was good to find your website. The tunes you have playing are AUsome! Good luck. If your ever in or around Houston look me up!


denny marion

January 19, 2013

meet you at the Pucket - Waymore band-- with friend Dale Allen - great show

Linda Mckenzie

December 13, 2012

Hi Ricky,
I absolutely am your fan! Heard you in Normandy upclose and personal. You are the bomb in case no one has told you lately! Where's that guitar love song? I don't remember the name, but it was hauntingly beautiful! Can I buy it somewhere? I know you know the one I'm talking about. Lemme know. Linda 615-300-0676 cell or email me at (I write too, no hits, just for fun I guess).

Bob Werner

October 29, 2012

Saw you at Pucket's 10/27. Great guitar and voice.

Sarina Burditt

October 3, 2012

Big Fan of "Good Day for the Blues"! :-)

Linda Mckenzie

September 18, 2012

Ricky, I saw you at Normandy, TN cafe and you are now my hero! I love that guitar song you wrote! Why isn't it on the radio yet? Tell em to hurry up! Can't wait to hear you again! I write too, but not as good as you! Take care man!

Richard T Harrington

August 8, 2012

Hey Ricky just want to say Hi and We are a big fan of you and your Dad!

warren whisenhunt

July 8, 2012

Loved your performance at the River Cafe last night! Thank you so much for the quality entertainment! The stories added a greaat flair to it all!

Bill Luton

June 27, 2012

Looking forward to listening to you tomorrow night at the Blue Water Grille!

Ronny Hampton

June 11, 2012

Ricky Ray
We caught your show Saturday night at Puckett's Grocery in Franklin, Tn. Been there before and love that venue.
Blew us away !! I'm your new biggest fan. Great sound, vocals and guitar work. Look forward to catching you again soon. Until then, I got 2 cds from Saturday night.

Kevin Sullivan

January 25, 2012

the blues is you man thank you

Ed Hearon

January 24, 2012

Hey Ricky, you may not remember me but I wored with your dad a Redstone. I enjoy listin to your music. Just keep doing what you'er doing !!

Wiliam Russell

December 16, 2011

We were at the River Cafe in Normandy Saturday and were "blown away". Thanks for coming to our part of the world. Look forward to other shows!

Cherrill Long

December 6, 2011

Ricky Ray!!! It's Ceevee Dyson from way back. Jim and I talk about you often. I need to come see you someday soon. Miss those crazy days at the Commodore with Billy Ray, Kevin, Jimmy Gunn. Good times.

Brenda Siegel

October 30, 2011

Hey Ricky,
Just saw you last night at Puckets. I loved it. Thank you for allowing yourself to be what you are supposed to be. It's inspiring to be around such passion. I appreciate you. B

Brenda Siegel

October 30, 2011

Hey Ricky!
Just saw you last night at Puckets-so wonderful to be in the presence of such passion. I loved it!
Thank you for allowing you to be who you were meant to be!

Susan Paradise Wolf

October 24, 2011

Hi Ricky, I saw you last Sat. night a the Hermitage. You were playing at my sister and brother in law's party (Dianne and Calame Sammons). You all were incredible, and I so enjoyed it. Don't know if you remember me; but I worked at Close Quarters in the early 80's. Anyway, nice to see you. Sue P

judi bradford altgilbers

September 26, 2011

U my cousin. Good Jon

Linda Holloway

September 22, 2011

I enjoyed your music last Saturday night at Puckett's. I am the travel writer from Tuscaloosa. I have also enjoyed listening to the CD. Thanks again for a wonderful evening of music! Let me know when you are coming to the Tuscaloosa/Birmingham area, and I will make plans to come listen. You can read my articles online at The last one is Las Vegas, but you may be interested in Romantic New Orleans.
Linda Holloway

Cindy Church

July 31, 2011

We really enjoyed your show at The Breakers Marina...your band was excellent!

George Harriman

July 1, 2011

Where can I buy your music?

Patti DeShazo

May 28, 2011

I enjoyed meeting you at the Jim Parker's songwriter series. You wrote some amazing songs and thanks for coming to Huntsville!